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About My Little Pony

All of you who wasn't a little girl in the eighties probably don't know what a My Little Pony is. Well, My Little Pony (or MLP) was one of the most popular toys for little girls back then. They were first available in 1984 in Sweden and they soon became a huge success. At first there were only twelwe ponies available, all with different names and looks. A few years later there were over a hundred to choose from. Except for the ponies, you could also buy stables, castles, grooming parlours, schools, clothes and a lot of different stuff for your ponies. The MLP Hysteria lasted for a few years. The company who manufactured them, Hasbro Industries Inc, eventually stopped making them and they disappeared just as fast as they came...

Baby Buggy

Megan and Sundance
(Original look)

Icecream Pony

The looks of the My Little Ponies have varied over time. At first all of them had either one-colored or rainbow-colored manes and tails. Later they could have two-colored manes and tails as well. They also had a pattern or symbol on their backsides at first, later they could have patterns all over. When cartoon movies with My Little Pony came, the movie makers decided to let a girl take care of the Ponies. The girl's name was Megan, and she was soon available as a doll along with her pony Sundance. Megan and Sundance have also changed looks over time.

Mountain Boy Pony

Princess Pony

New Pattern Style

New kinds of ponies have also been developed over time like Baby Ponies, Butterfly Ponies, Sea Ponies, Newborn Twin Ponies, Mountain Boy Ponies, Icecream Ponies, Princess Ponies and more. Some of the newer Ponies were also able to close their eyes or move their legs. The different kinds of ponies were only available in the stores for limited periods. When new styles arrived, the old ponies couldn't be bought anymore. This has made the MLP's valuable to collectors, and their value has increased over time. In 1998 a new kind of MLP's became available on the market again, a great joy for all collectors...

Butterfly Ponies

MLP from 1998


If you want to read the whole story about My Little Pony you must visit Kimberly Shriner's Dream Valley! There you can find all you want to know about MLP and pictures of every pony ever made!! Just follow the link below...

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My Little Pony