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Welcome to my adoption center for My Little Ponies. This is the place to visit if you want to adopt a My Little Pony and give her a new home at your site. Sometimes there are three new ponies to adopt on this site. They will bring you good Luck and watch over you. You can adopt just one pony or all three if you like. There are no limits of how many ponies you may adopt.

If you want to adopt a pony just right-click on the pony you want and save it to your server. Also save her cloud, put it beside her on your site and link it to:

Good Luck!

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cloud1.gif (11335 bytes)

pony2.gif (14175 bytes)

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Note! Please do not copy any of my adoption ponies from other people's sites. Some of them are custom made and not for public use! Only download my ponies from this site!!!