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Welcome to my adoption center for My Little Ponies. This is the place to visit if you want to adopt a My Little Pony and give her a new home at your site. You can choose color, symbol and name of your own pony. You can also choose to adopt an earth pony, a unicorn or a pegasus. Every adopted pony has a unique symbol. If you want to adopt a pony, please fill out the application form below.


Name :
E-mail :
Name of your new pony :
Type of pony:
Body Colour :
Hair Colour :
Ribbon Colour :
Symbol map
Symbol number :
Background colour on your page :

Just hit the button once!

If two people simultaneously want to have ponies with the same symbol, the one that sent the application first can have that symbol, and the other one must choose a new one. I will send a mail if this situation occurs.